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In The Netherlands we can provide you with a private chauffeur for in your own car. Due to our great services we’re honoured to work for the following organisations:

Wo do we work for?

Student chauffeur or management chauffeur?

We provide two kinds of private drivers. The student chauffeur and the management chauffeur. The difference between those two kinds is the level of certification, skills and price. The student driver is qualified and tested according our own high driving standards. But, the student driver is not official certified and works part-time mostly next to his study. The management driver is officialy certified and qualified to work as a private chauffeur. They’re trained in security and service aspects. Mostly they work for government or CEO contractors.

What are the costs for a private chauffeur?

The rates depend on the kind of driver you wish for. The costs for a student driver starting at €19.50,- per hour. For a management chauffeur the costs starting at €27.50,- per hour! Please contact us for a personal quote that fits your request.

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Are you interested in hiring a private driver in The Netherlands? Please contact us so we can provide you with personal help. For personal assistance please choose one of the following options:

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